Values, Mission, Operations


Goals and Objectives

DSDHM’s vision is to foster a free, healthy, informed, prosperous and thriving society by building, preserving and providing resources for the development of human creativity, wisdom, and intellectual advancement. Our long-term goal is to utilize resources to nurture and strengthen the untapped talents of underprivileged youths, and encourage them to develop, advance, and empower themselves. In turn, the youths will use their newfound talents and knowledge to ameliorate their lives, their families, their neighborhoods, and society. The diverse benefits that come from fostering an educated society must not be denied to another generation. In an age of underfunded schools, closed libraries, mismanaged public resources, and the sense of hopelessness which pervades the neighborhoods of underprivileged children; the DSDHM hopes to pave the way to a better future.

Our Values

DSDHM is committed to the following values:

Service: Analyze the educational, societal and cultural needs of children in Southern California and Sierra Leone. Empower instructors to teach the children. Develop new and creative methods to improve our services.

Commitment: DSDHM will empower the youth of California and Sierra Leone to succeed through the advancement of education, moral, and social development.

Excellence: Ensure the highest quality in every aspect of our activities.

Transparency: Ensure that DSDHM’s plans and practices are open and available to donors, various agencies, and the general public.

Describe DSDHM’s Operations

In California, DSDHM will provide youth with hands-on arts and cultural education. In Sierra Leone, DSDHM will educate youth about health, sanitation, social change mobilization, and education. This will be performed at the Daphne Sawyerr-Dunn Center in Freetown, Sierra Leone.