Questions and Answers

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    Who is Daphne Sawyerr-Dunn?
    The late Daphne-Sawyerr-Dunn was a Sierra Leonean living in the USA, who spent countless hours working to help alleviate suffering in her country of birth-Sierra Leone. She also played a huge part in helping Sierra Leoneans in the USA during and after the wa
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    How will DSDHM be funded??
    DSDHM will apply for grants, hold fundraisers, and solicit donations from individuals and businesses. This will be done primarily in Southern California.
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    Where will DSDHM operate?
    In Southern California (with a particular focus on Orange County, Long Beach), and Sierra Leone.
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    Could I volunteer with DSDHM?
    We welcome you! We especially would appreciate your help and expertise in the following areas: Board Members Promoting our Efforts Project Management Event Planning
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